EXCLUSIVE first interview of ZILBERTI

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EXCLUSIVE first interview of ZILBERTI

Message  phenyr le Mar 21 Aoû - 22:40

TKPG : Hello, zilberti, it is well known now that you are one of the most influent players in Monde 1,
throught the diplomatic threads it appears that you are also the leader of most of the players from Eastern europe,

TKPG : how come you gained such capacity in unifying so many people ?
Zilberti : "hello, first of all i'm very happy that stronghold kingdoms crew regard me worth of giving interview.
I know so much people, who are my good friends and we love to play together ... we know each other in real life so they like to be in my leadership"

TKPG : how do you describe yourself for your community, and what kind of Leader are you?
Zilberti : "I like diplomatic way to solve the problems, but there is some cases that my diplomacy is not enough, so in that situation I'm trying to solve the problem with the sword... but this is the last way, i hate war, I think politics is the best way to control other people.."

TKPG : Who are your ennemies now or in the past and why?
Zilberti : "My first enemy is Arshava ! He was my agent to other houses, but he treasoned me, now I'm not killing him because I like to see how he is frigthened. My next enemy is Kawaiiyo, He is attackin to low level players and I hate this, I love justice and I want to defend them all who has no power..."

TKPG : What was the most memorable victory against your ennemy?
Zilberti : "My biggest glory was , when my enemies understood that I'm stronger than they are and I can defeat them any time..."

TKPG : What was the funniest victory?
Zilberti : "Most funny moment was when we became our enemy's parish's steward, where thay had 20 villages and we had only one, we've deleted their buildings and finally we were laughing how they were trying to return in their parish."

TKPG : Your worst nightmare for MOnde1?
Zilberti : "My nightmare is traitors like Arshava..."

TKPG : What are your future personnal plans for succes?
Zilberti : "I'm strategist and my strategy is only for me and for my crew... You will see soon what we are going to do here...."

TKPG : If you had one present to offer to your ennemies, what would it be, (you can offer anything that comes to mind, a barbie doll, a poney... anything!!) and why?
Zilberti : "I will send Crowns to my enemies, because I can see they cannot defeat me , so Premium Account and Faith Points will help them to be in full-time interdict ! Wink"

TKPG : How do you think the game should be upgraded?
Zilberti : "I'd like to play in united world 1 , world 2 and monde 1.... I want to play in bigger world..."

TKPG : Do you have any hobbies in real life? appart from SHK of course Wink?
Zilberti : "My hobbies are women, beer and fast driving...."

TKPG : In order to close this exclusive Interview :
If you had something to say to all the players in monde1, what would it be?
Zilberti : "carefully find your friends because it will be awful if you will be victim of "treason"."

TKPG : Thanks a lot Zilberti for this exclusive interview, in the next episode, we will be interviewing another leader of monde 1, do you have a favourite player that you think of for the next interview?
Zilberti : "My advice for next interviewer will be Lord Xavier the Just and DDKS, because they have so many enemies and interview will be so interesting..."

Thanks again Lord Zilberti
and keep up with : the Kingdom Personnalities Gazette.


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