Kawaiiyo from Faction -13-

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Kawaiiyo from Faction -13-

Message  phenyr le Mar 21 Aoû - 22:43

Hello, Tonight we are receiving, Kawaiiyo from Faction -13-
If you were part of the vaucluse spawn back in Day 1 of the serveur you sure remember their Moto on each capital they owned, pretty impressive and representative of their first actions when in power.

TKPG : So , could you explain to our readers, what was the Moto and why? A tribute to some viral video?
Kawaiiyo : "Good evening everyone.
Yes you got it. I think most People knows about "All your Base r belong to us". So we decide to use that one with a minor change. As you said just a small tribute to "Zero Wing" Smile And of course at the same Time it described our early Actions well."

TKPG : THe gazette doesn't know much about you, are you part of any community, or does your factions recruits any worthy members , or something the gazette is missing?
Kawaiiyo : "No I am not Part of any Community. About Recruiting.
We prefer People who are located nearby Vaucluse.
But to have a chance to join you need to sacrify 10 Cows and a Dog first and eat their Guts.
Since not so many People want to sacrify their Dog we didnt reach the Maximum on Members yet."

TKPG : How do you lead your men? Any advice for noobies?
Kawaiiyo : "Well we have a very open Structure. Its not like I am the King in our Faction.
Everyone is free to do what he wants.
What I usually do is organizing our Attacks for those who are to lazy for it or Flag transfer between Parishes.
Also I dont like if People do not Participate in conversation or activities at all.
For example if we are at War every Member should tribute something to it.
May it be recources, Flags, Intel, Monks or Armies. Whatever he can afford.
Maybe the only advice I have is that you should talk to your Members from time to time.
Like sending them all a general Overview whats going on in the Faction. "

TKPG : Many houses change for the -13- recently, what was that all about?
Kawaiiyo : "First we were in House 10. Back then some of our Enemys decided to join our House and kick us out. After that we joined House 16. Thanks to the amazing House mechanics and the change from 3 to 6 concerning the amount of "base factions" in a house our Enemys also joined this house and made it a 3:3 Draw.
Since no dev felt like interventing we changed our Color again. Thats it about it."

TKPG : Regarding your current ennemies, who are they and why?
Kawaiiyo : "Thats obviously Deca, GameOver, Vuglar and Immortal.
We re at War with them for like over a Month allready.

Why ? Cause they razed our Members and took over our House.
Pretty early in the Game we made an Agreement with Zilberti about taking no more Flags from Gard and having Peace.
Still they decided to raze 2 of ours Members.
Well everyone can see which Price they had to pay for doing that."

TKPG : What was the most Epic Fail of your faction?
Kawaiiyo : "Hehe thats definatly our first attack on Masterdjart.
Where we lost like 2k Units.
But at least he showed us what a kid he is by posting a bunch of **** in our Parish forum.
Well eventually he got annihilated a week later........ To bad for him."

TKPG : If its not the same issue as the previous question, the funnyest moment in SHK?
Kawaiiyo : "Thats a difficult Question. Attacking a wolfscamp with like 50 archers just to find our there are 400 wolves...
Or maybe a recent attack on one of our Enemys.
Where I did 2 attacks in 10 minutes. 1 for scouting and 2nd one for a raze.
And his castle went from almost nothing to a fully build balista reinforced carded power house Very Happy
I had to laugh a bit about that Smile
(Nothing wrong with it though since cards are a part of the Game.)"

TKPG : So what's the next step for -13-?
Kawaiiyo : "After our Current War is over... I dont know. Maybe play some Sim City?
The counties are so far away from each other. Its possible nothing will happend for a long time."

TKPG : The readers favourite question : If you had one present to offer to your ennemies, what would it be?
(you can offer anything that comes to mind, a Nian cat, the "Chocolate rain" song.... anything!!) and Why?
Kawaiiyo : "If I could give my Enemys everything then It would be Courage.
So they will stop running away or asking for peace. Stay and fight till the end."

TKPG : What would you like to see next in SHK?
Kawaiiyo: "A lot of Basic improvements. I dont know If I should name them all.
Just for exmaple the report System seriously needs an Overhaul.
Theres so much spam in it.... Some cards are WAY to strong.
But they will never change this cause thats their Cashcow..."

TKPG : Now is the end of the interview, if you had something to say to all the players in MOnde1, what would it be?
Kawaiiyo : "Keep fighting Smile Dont chicken out.
Thats what this game is about.
Dont take things to emotial.
Playing serious is fine but if you get razed thats part of the game (I lost 2 cities mysefl )"

TKPG : anything to add, for the record, what you'll say could be used against you in court!
Kawaiiyo : "I am innocent."

TKPG : Thanks a lot Kawaiiyo for this thrilling interview, in the next episode we will be interviewing another leader of MOnde1, could be Barbarius, from the Guilde de France or the feared Xavier the Just (what's the non-sens here!!!), which one would you like to see next? or any name for the gazette?
Kawaiiyo : "I would like to see an Interview with Zorgat or Xavier."

Thanks again
and keep up with : The Kingdom Personnalities Gazette.


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