Interview of Sir Templar

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Interview of Sir Templar

Message  phenyr le Mar 21 Aoû - 22:56

TKPG : We're back for some interviews. Yeah, yeah we had diseapeared for some time ( 6 month, i had to lead the resistance against H10 ( nothing personnal, just about good manners and basic diplomacy ****, then left because of the pressure... i'm human... **** happens you know... and then my friends ingame loose the war... coincidence? or SCIENCE FACT?!, you decide.)
SO, the Kingdom personnalities Gazette is here for some other interviews, i picked a random one and got very lucky, see for yourself.

TKPG : So, Sir templar, we never got to fight each other but i do know your name from somewhere..... how come you got such reknown ingame... what where your major rôle in it since you first came in SHK?
Sir Templar : I learned SHK existance by a friend whith who i was playing travian, and i was playing the Stronghold game as well, so i first learned on world 1. For some juridical reason i had to leave the games for some months and i came back 3-4 weeks after the beginning of Monde 1...In Meuse as a House 10 member.

TKPG : Excuse my french... but what was your role for the SHK community? a noob crusher? a leader for the weakest( youngest) players, one of the greatest H10 officers?, a great parish steward?.... anything else?
Sir Templar : after 2-3 months i saw some weird strategy by our dirigeant, like having other account on the green house, and getting free flag from those accounts that were owning parishes in Manche...
I think i can call me a striker, thats it. I had many support from the green house, we did some operation together. I've been a full member of Vallhala, i was striking from ragnor lordbrok orders himself;
my plan to invade Meuse didnt work cause ive been tricked... capped and they used my 25 vassals army to put me and my mate to reset.
So... Rag found me a safe place to reborn in Ile et vilaines. Only 2 weeks past and this zone was getting invaded... nobody seem to move so me and ATOMICBOOM my brother in arm went another time to the reset.

TKPG : You say you are from H10.... great surprise here... i though you were from the other side... H10 is for most of us ( in the south East of france) the ennemy... The KPG is pretty sure you are a great player, what made you go join there ranks, and why ( for you) are they "a house to join and support"?
Sir Templar : I like frontal war, i dont like superchery and mutinery, propaganda to expand a empire, even though it works fine for them, Green house was inspirating me that ... black house was full of ....
hmm...miss was not insparing me that

TKPG : ahah! so what was the Black house inspiring?
Sir Templar : i didnt liked to see them getting a fair advantage by doing the flag capture thing with their 2nd account. Dugny sur Meuse is the best exemple, it had been max in the first months of the server.

TKPG : wow!! seriuous stuff here.... but that's another long debate... we'll get to lighter subjects like : who are your ingame ennemies now and why?
Sir Templar : excellent question it would be a suicide to name it but i will
(TKPG : lol then go kill yourself)
Sir Templar : Lenardthegreat / jonhiethequinn made me ban and failed in Meuse, it was ... cheap war

TKPG : what is your funniest moment in SHK?
Sir Templar : MY BEST MOMENT HAVE BEEN the second reset.
TKPG : you'll have to explain that to all of us)
Sir Templar : the war i made against , Riquet, Startak, Lord Bolvar, Saintxav, Ladypig, Pacman, Braveheart,i apologyze for those i didnt named there.

TKPG : anyway... as a faction... the greatest fail you encountered... would you like to share these moments? ( if its something else than the reset from.... whut??!!! H10 your own first house?!!0.o)
Sir Templar : i left H10 in Meuse. I was House 13 and tried to make Elfred Leif erickson Fladrol and Ragnord came to fight along with me in meuse for the House 13.
Yeah, Pacman himself maintain me to reset for 1 months and a half and i quitted the game. I came back because i readed the games news of facebook, his name was on it!

TKPG : Our leitmotiv... what the readers pay to get what they needs.... the self named epic question : If you had one present to offer to your ennemies, what would it be? ( can be anything from a rubber duck to a pretentious droïd made of diamonds).
Sir Templar : i would be giving it to pacman , and im a fair player, my first think is maybe something that could be like a brain trophy or something that u can seperate in pieces ... so he give one of those piece to bolvar and riquet
(TKPG :thats an elaborated gift!)
Sir Templar : i think stronghold is a very hard strategic game, to do perfect syncro you need to do some different calcul, the monking , the duration of excom, the zone to excom (how many time it take for all your waves to be launch)

TKPG : our lasts questions :
1)what would you like to ,see next in SHK in terme of upgrades or improovements?
2) what do you want to say to ALL the SHK comunity in monde 1?
Sir Templar : 1st i would like to see a true and fair resistance to H10, i would like to see every House having is own leadership going , not queuing to fusion...And its a war game, so please, 400 days passed now, fighting
2nd was after the ... im starting to beleive that the game politic is much more corrupted than our own world politics Wink

TKPG : Many many thanks to Sir templar for this clever glimps of what it is to play differents sides of a game while still getting the fun out of it... and also for this interview for the Kingdom personnalities Gazette which had has diseapeared for about 6 month....
We'll now let you with his choice for the next person to be interviw and the his last idiom.
Sir Templar : Saintxav - interviewed would be great
(TKPG : our sources says : he'd just quit)
Sir Templar : pacman or bolvar, marius, bellisarius, it could be flatered for me


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